Ilijan Micanski
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Autor:  german [ 2010 cze Cz 17, 19:29 ]
Tytuł:  Ilijan Micanski

Hello supporters from Lubin,

I'm a german soccer-fan. My favourite team is Kaiserslautern.

I've heard that we are interested in Ilijan Micansk. He play in Lubin.

Can you tell me about him in English? What are his strengths and weaknesses? How is he in character?
Can he keep up in the german Bundesliga?

Thank you very much.

Autor:  raffyxxx [ 2010 cze Pt 18, 07:37 ]
Tytuł:  Re: Ilijan Micanski

Hi. First of all we have to say that we are very sad about Ilian transfer. He was the best player in out team in last very difficult for us season. Here you have one of his best action we've played in 10... refree was against us... but we had ILIAN...

wish you the best in new season. Ilian will always be in our hearts.

I think that Ilian will help you to keep in Bundesliga, but... you should know very well where is Polish league. In Polnad he was of the best attackers.He was the best scorer on spring.... the question is: "can he manage in Bundesliga?" I do not think so... but maybe i'm wrong.

Autor:  miniu [ 2010 sie So 21, 05:22 ]
Tytuł:  Re: Ilijan Micanski

Ilijan wird bestimmt für euch 'ne große verstärkung sein. Er hat es ja schon jetzt bewiesen das er ein sehr guter Neuzugang ist. Ich hoffe er wird euch viel spaß und Tore bringen. Wir vermissen ihn... :cry:

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